Triblock filling machine Dilute liquids (4-nozzle)

Product features

The TBP-4 model four-nozzle Triblock filling machine is a modern example of Triblock machinery. It offers enhanced features compared to older models, including conveyor belts, product output, and a bottle washing sink with higher capacity and speed.

This machine is designed for low-capacity production workshops and is suitable for filling liquids such as yogurt, diluted beverages, and more. The four-nozzle Triblock filling machine is tailored for standard-neck PET bottles.

Model: TBP-4
System: Rotary Turntable
Features: Bottle Washing / Filling / Cap Sorting / Output Conveyor Belt
Suitable for non-acidic dilute liquids such as yogurt, water, and fruit juice
PLC / HMI Control System
Speed ​​of 550 to 1200 bottles per hour depending on bottle size and liquid type

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