Thin Liquid Filling Machine triblock four nozzles

Product features

Automatic 4-Nozzle Thin Liquid Filling Machines with Bottle Washer

Applications: This automatic 4-nozzle yogurt filling machine with bottle washer is suitable for small workshops. It can be used for packaging yogurt, herbal syrups, and other thin liquids. The packaging capacity is in the range of 600 to 1200 bottles per hour (depending on the bottle size and product type). The 4-nozzle yogurt filling machine can package one bottle neck size.

Features: The bottle washer, filler, capper, and coder can be installed on the machine to print the expiration date of the product. The output of the machine after bottle capping can be connected to a conveyor belt and other machines, such as a labeler or shrink wrap machine.

Purpose Thin Liquid Filling Machines

The purpose of producing a 4-nozzle yogurt filling machine with low production capacity is to help manufacturers in the field of low-capacity workshop products and beverages. Because purchasing bottle washing, filling, and capping machines separately would be very expensive. The integration of multiple features in this machine is approved by health inspectors. By purchasing one machine, the manufacturer becomes independent of expensive machines with high capacities.

Products: The 4-nozzle yogurt filling machine has been used in the production of products such as: mineral water, yogurt, herbal syrups, fruit juices without pulp, and non-carbonated beverages. All parts that come into contact with the product and the machine covers are made of 316 stainless steel.

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What is Thin Liquid Filling Machines?

The Thin Liquid Filling Machine, featuring a triblock design with four nozzles, is an advanced solution tailored for precision and efficiency in liquid packaging. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, this machine is adept at handling thin liquids with remarkable accuracy and speed.

Its triblock configuration integrates multiple functions seamlessly, combining bottle rinsing, filling, and capping into a single synchronized system. This design not only streamlines the production process but also ensures consistency and reliability in each stage of packaging.

The inclusion of four nozzles significantly enhances throughput, allowing for the simultaneous filling of multiple containers. This feature optimizes productivity without compromising on the quality of the fill. Moreover, the machine’s adaptability to thin liquids guarantees minimal wastage, maintaining cost-effectiveness in production.

Precision is at the core of this machine’s functionality. Its ability to precisely measure and dispense thin liquids into containers of various sizes and shapes ensures uniformity in every package, meeting the highest quality standards.

Furthermore, the user-friendly interface and customizable settings make operation and adjustment straightforward, empowering operators to fine-tune the machine according to specific production requirements.

Whether used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and beverage, or other industries requiring accurate liquid filling, the Thin Liquid Filling Machine with its triblock design and four-nozzle configuration stands as a reliable and efficient choice for businesses seeking precision and productivity in their packaging processes.

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