Automatic thick and thin liquids filling machine (Single nozzle)

Product features

The Automatic Thick and Thin Liquids Filling Machine (Single Nozzle) is a versatile solution for accurately filling containers with varying viscosity liquids. With its robust stainless steel construction and customizable cylinder volume ranging from 100 to 2000 cubic centimeters, this machine offers flexibility to meet diverse production needs. It operates efficiently, with a filling speed of 300 to 600 units per hour, depending on the container size. Equipped with both single-phase and three-phase power options, and a minimum 7-bar air compressor requirement, this machine ensures reliable performance for a wide range of thick and thin liquid filling applications.

Weight: 380 kilograms
Dimensions: 400 × 70 × 135 centimeters
Model: FR-1N
Power Consumption: 2 kilowatts, customizable for single-phase and three-phase
Air Consumption: Minimum 7 bars with 250-liter reservoir compressor
Body Material: Entirely stainless steel
Cylinder Volume: Customizable from 100 to 2000 cubic centimeters
Filling Speed: Depending on container size, from 300 to 600 units per hour

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The Automatic Single Nozzle Filling Machine comes equipped with input and output conveyor belts along with traffic trays for loading and collecting products. This versatile machine features a customizable cylinder volume ranging from 100 to 2000 cubic centimeters, allowing for the precise filling of both thin and thick liquids. With its integrated conveyor system, the machine facilitates seamless product transfer, enhancing production efficiency and streamlining workflow. Whether filling containers with thin or viscous liquids, this machine offers reliability and accuracy, making it an ideal solution for various industrial applications.

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