Thermal Inkjet Printer DJ1

Product features

The DJ-one thermal inkjet printer, a cartridge-based device made in Taiwan, stands out as an unrivaled product in the market due to its competitive pricing and high-quality date marking capabilities. Unlike other fixed-head inkjet printers, the DJ-1 has its print head integrated into the cartridge, which gets replaced along with the cartridge when the ink runs out. This feature not only maintains high print quality but also significantly prevents ink from clogging the head.

With a print head capable of printing from a 0.5 cm distance, the DJ-1 is ideal for products without significant depth or protrusions. Ensuring minimal vibration and maintaining a consistent distance between the product and the print head is crucial for achieving excellent print quality. The drying time of the print varies depending on the type of ink and the printing surface, but compared to other inkjet printers available in the Iranian market, the DJ-one’s ink dries faster.

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The DJ1 Thermal Inkjet Printer offers fewer functions but maintains excellent inkjet printing performance to achieve user production efficiency. This user-friendly and cost-effective DJ1 TIJ printer is a great option for basic coding and marking needs.

The PC software provides a quick method for creating print messages. Simply create the necessary message files using the software and transfer them to the DJ1 printer via a USB stick, keeping a backup. While the DJ1 does not allow for direct message editing on the device, this ensures file accuracy and prevents operator errors.

With the DJ1 inkjet printer, you can easily control printing costs by adjusting the print resolution and selecting the appropriate number of nozzles. The printing cost depends on the quality and pixel density, which can be easily managed with the advanced DJ1 software. The device stores print counts and allows easy calculation of ink usage costs. The color display and suitable keyboard make device control straightforward and efficient.


Quality control and assurance

1. Equipment Warranty: We offer a comprehensive 24-month warranty on all equipment, ensuring quality and performance adherence to contract specifications.

2. After-Sales Support: Our commitment extends beyond the warranty period, providing lifetime technical support and efficient after-sales service for user satisfaction.

3. Quality Assurance: From installation to production, our warranty covers troubleshooting, manufacturing defects, and seller responsibilities, ensuring seamless operation.

4. Warranty Period: The 24-month warranty period begins three days after installation, guaranteeing prompt assistance and resolution of any issues.

5. Lifetime Technical Support: Beyond the warranty, our dedicated team ensures continuous technical assistance and maintenance services for optimal equipment performance.

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