Steel Motorized Belt Conveyor

Product features

The stainless steel conveyor belt measures 120 centimeters in length and 16 centimeters in width. It serves as a linear movement device for products, primarily used for inkjet printers or connecting production lines. Each conveyor belt is produced in different dimensions and sizes based on the order and required speed. Various materials such as silicone belt, Teflon chain, stainless steel chain, or mesh can be used for the belt’s motion rail.

Thanks to the rubberized fabric belt used in this device, vibrations are minimized, making it highly suitable for inkjet printers. The motor of this device is a single-phase industrial type capable of continuous operation for long hours. The conveyor belt speed of the machine is one meter per five seconds, and a 1/20 gearbox is used to adjust this speed.

The body material and all components of this conveyor belt are made of stainless steel 304, and argon welding is used to connect its chassis. Stainless steel belt conveyor suitable for various inkjet printers with a speed of one meter per five seconds, adjustable height from 87 to 95 centimeters.

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The stainless steel belt conveyor table is a versatile solution for linear movement of products in various industrial settings, prominently utilized for inkjet printers or interlinking production lines. Its dimensions, measuring 120 centimeters in length and 16 centimeters in width, cater to a range of production needs. Each conveyor belt is custom-built to specific dimensions and size requirements, offering different production speeds to accommodate varying throughput demands. The conveyor’s functionality is further enhanced by its ability to utilize different types of motion rails, including silicone belts, Teflon chains, stainless steel chains, or mesh, ensuring smooth and efficient product movement along the assembly line.

Constructed entirely from stainless steel 304, including its body and all components, the conveyor table boasts robustness and durability, suitable for continuous industrial use. Its utilization of a fabric-reinforced rubber belt minimizes vibrations, making it particularly ideal for inkjet printer applications where stability is crucial for precise printing. Powered by an industrial-grade single-phase motor, the conveyor operates reliably for extended periods, with a speed of one meter per five seconds. Additionally, its adjustable height feature, ranging from 87 to 95 centimeters, provides flexibility to adapt to various production setups and ergonomic requirements, ensuring seamless integration into existing workflows.


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