Shrink Tunnel Packaging Machine

Product features

The shrink tunnel machine is used for various packaging types such as cartons, bottles, and custom-sized components. It is custom-made to fit specific dimensions. If your product needs to be packaged with PVC, polyethylene, or polyolefin film, simply place the product inside the film, seal the film with a sealing machine, and then guide it into the oven. This process is only feasible with a single shrink machine at an affordable price. Considering the manual sealing process, which is time-consuming, it is recommended to use fully automatic shrink packaging machines to increase production speed. However, semi-automatic shrink tunnel machines still have their place and can be designed and executed according to customer needs.

Weight: 210 kilograms
Dimensions: 350 × 90 × 188 centimeters
Model: SHH-100
Application: Packaging of sewn and ready-made products
Capacity: Up to 700 packages per hour
Fuel: Customizable, electric or city gas
Power Consumption: 1.8KW for gas shrinkage and 8KW for electric shrinkage
Compressed Air Consumption: No need for an air compressor
Body Material: Electrostatically painted steel

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what is Shrink Tunnel Packaging Machine?

A Shrink Tunnel Packaging Machine is a type of equipment used in the packaging industry to shrink-wrap products using heat. It consists of a tunnel-like enclosure through which packages pass on a conveyor belt. As the packages move through the tunnel, heat is applied uniformly, causing the plastic film surrounding the product to shrink and conform tightly to its shape. This process not only secures the product inside the packaging but also provides tamper-evident sealing and improves the product’s aesthetic appeal. Shrink tunnel packaging machines are commonly used for various products such as bottles, cans, boxes, and other packaged goods. They offer efficiency, reliability, and flexibility in packaging operations.

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