Shrink packing cabin machine

Product features

The Shrink Packing Cabin Machine, with dimensions of 40×50, is suitable for packaging products with maximum dimensions of 40*50 centimeters. It is used for packaging food, pharmaceuticals, hygiene products, cosmetics, books, various small cartons, disposable containers, and more. The maximum height for packaging is 30 centimeters, and the maximum roll width is 50 centimeters. This machine is suitable for home businesses, small workshops, kitchens, and catering facilities. Its operation is manual.

The dimensions of the machine are 120*70*90 centimeters. The wheels underneath the machine and its suitable dimensions make it easy to transport and move. The packaging speed of this machine depends on the operator’s speed, but it can package up to 380 packages per hour.


Weight: 90 kilograms
Dimensions: 120 × 80 × 120 centimeters
Maximum Roll Width: 50 centimeters
Maximum Height: 30 centimeters
Sewing Power Consumption: 4000 watts
Power Consumption: Single phase
Voltage: 220 volts
Thermostat: Available
Operating Mechanism: Manual
Packaging Speed: 380 packages per hour

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The Mini Pack shrink cabin machine, measuring 40×50, is ideal for packaging various cardboard boxes and items susceptible to damage at temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius. Its energy supply source is a single-phase 220-volt electrical connection. Constructed from iron with an electrostatic coating, the machine’s body ensures durability and strength.

Packaging operations are executed by two electrical elements. The cabin shrink packaging machine boasts several advantages, including a sewing transformer, thermostat control for furnace and sewing temperatures, a cooling fan, an analog control panel, and the flexibility to utilize different shrink film types. Its compact size and efficient design make it suitable for both industrial and domestic applications.

With its manual operation mechanism and a packaging speed of 380 packages per hour, the Mini Pack shrink cabin machine delivers reliability and versatility. Whether used in small workshops or kitchen environments, its ability to protect goods in a controlled thermal environment makes it an indispensable tool for businesses and households alike.

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