semi automatic shooter Shrink Packaging

Product features

The semi-automatic shooter shrink packaging machine is suitable for various types of glass bottles, PET bottles, various cartons, and more. The capacity of this machine depends on the operator’s speed. The frame of the machine is made of high-resistance steel with Electrostatic hammer paint. The stitching blade of the machine is made of extruded aluminum with non-stick Teflon coating.
The operation of the semi-automatic shooter shrink packaging machine is as follows: First, the package is placed inside the shooter manually, then the pedal command is executed by the operator, and the stitching and shrinking processes are performed automatically by the machine.


Heating System: Electric Rod Element
Air Pressure: 6 Bar
Power Consumption: 25 Kilowatts 3-Phase
Control System: Electrical Panel
Weight: 485 kg
Pneumatic Accessories: MLC-Midman
Machine Dimensions: Customized Width 120cm, Customized Length 440cm, Height 210cm



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Introducing our cutting-edge Semi-Automatic Shooter Shrink Packaging machine, designed to cater to various types of glass bottles, PET containers, cartons, and more. The machine’s capacity depends on the operator’s speed, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in packaging processes. Crafted with a robust steel frame coated with hammer-tone electrostatic paint, it promises exceptional durability and resilience. Its stitching blade, made of extruded aluminum and coated with non-stick Teflon, guarantees smooth operation and longevity, ensuring precise and consistent packaging results.

Operated in a semi-automatic mode, the Semi-Automatic Shooter Shrink Packaging machine simplifies the packaging process. The operator places the package into the shooter manually, activating the pedal control to initiate the stitching and shrinking processes automatically. This streamlined workflow not only enhances operational efficiency but also ensures uniform and reliable packaging outcomes, making it an ideal solution for various industrial packaging needs.


Quality control and assurance

1. Equipment Warranty: We offer a comprehensive 24-month warranty on all equipment, ensuring quality and performance adherence to contract specifications.

2. After-Sales Support: Our commitment extends beyond the warranty period, providing lifetime technical support and efficient after-sales service for user satisfaction.

3. Quality Assurance: From installation to production, our warranty covers troubleshooting, manufacturing defects, and seller responsibilities, ensuring seamless operation.

4. Warranty Period: The 24-month warranty period begins three days after installation, guaranteeing prompt assistance and resolution of any issues.

5. Lifetime Technical Support: Beyond the warranty, our dedicated team ensures continuous technical assistance and maintenance services for optimal equipment performance.

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