Semi Automatic Acid Filling Machine (4-nozzle)

Product features

Four-Nozzle Acidic Liquid Filler, Pneumatic and Fully Acid-Resistant.

The tank of this machine has a capacity of 100 liters. The control system of the device is operated using a PLC panel. Four-Nozzle Acidic Liquid Filler.

Suitable for filling chemical substances including: Descalers based on hydrochloric acid and citric acid, degreasers based on sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide, and bleaching chemicals like bleach.

This filler is controlled by a timer system and is adjustable for filling containers with capacities ranging from 10 to 100 cc.

The tank of the four-nozzle acidic liquid filler is equipped with a float switch, a feature that allows it to be fed from a larger source.

The body of the machine is made of steel with electrostatic paint. The legs of the device are adjustable for containers of different sizes.

Technical information of Semi Automatic Acid Filling Machine

Weight: 110 kilograms
Dimensions: 80 × 68 × 220 centimeters
Full Name: Semi-Automatic Filler for Dilute Acidic Substances with 4 Nozzles
Material of Parts in Contact with Substances: Acid-Resistant Teflon
Type of Nozzles: Pneumatic Valve Nozzles (Drip-Free)
Filling Quantity: Adjustable from 100 to 10,000 cc
Filling Speed:

Maximum 600 containers per hour
Electricity Consumption: Single-phase 5 Amps
Air Consumption: 7 bar compressor, minimum 25 liters

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The semi-automatic filler for dilute acidic substances with four nozzles is a precision-engineered machine designed for efficient and controlled filling of containers with liquids containing mild acidic properties. Crafted with components made of acid-resistant Teflon, this device ensures durability and reliability when handling substances prone to corrosive effects. Its pneumatic valve nozzles, engineered without drips, guarantee precision and accuracy during the filling process.

This equipment offers versatile functionality, allowing adjustment of filling quantities ranging from 100 to 10,000 cc, providing flexibility for various container sizes and volumes. With a maximum filling speed of 600 containers per hour, this machine optimizes productivity while maintaining consistent and controlled filling operations. Its electricity consumption of single-phase 5 Amps and air requirement of 7-bar minimum for a compressor of at least 25 liters ensures efficient energy utilization and compatibility with standard power supplies, making it suitable for diverse industrial setups requiring reliable, semi-automated liquid filling solutions.

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