Rotary Cup Filling Machine

Product features

An automatic filling, foil sealing, and silicone sealing machine. Capable of designing and manufacturing standard cups in sizes 55mm/75mm/95/125mm/145mm. Ability to create multiple mold sizes for cups with different diameters. Capable of filling thin and thick liquids up to a maximum of 60% Brix, such as honey.

Product Name: Single Nozzle Automatic Cup Filling Machine
Model: FCR-A1
Power Consumption: Single Phase 1.8KW
Air Consumption: Minimum 150-liter compressor with 7-bar pressure
Body Material: Stainless Steel 304
Material of Parts in Contact with Product: Stainless Steel 316
Chassis Material: Electrostatic Steel
Electrical Components: LS (customized)
Pneumatic Components: Badran (customized)
Tank Volume: 40 liters with automatic inlet valve from a larger tank
Cup Hopper Capacity: Up to 120 cups depending on cup size

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The single-nozzle cup filling machine is fully automatic and designed to efficiently fill various types of cup containers, including yogurt, milk, fruit juices, olive paste, and other food products. Due to the diversity of cup sizes and shapes, the machine can package multiple cup sizes (cup mouth diameters) with a single mold. Customization options are available for accommodating different cup sizes and geometries.

Operators can adjust the machine for different cup sizes by replacing mold sections for cup placement, foil sealing, silicone sealing, and adjusting the cup output system. The cup filling machine can be configured with varying numbers of nozzles depending on customer specifications, such as this single-nozzle model. It is suitable for hygienically filling products like yogurt, milk, water, breakfast cereals, peanut butter, and more. The machine’s performance, whether manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic, is tailored to meet customer requirements, affecting the overall machine cost.


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