Rotary Bottle Filling Machine (2-nozzle)

Product features

The Rotary Bottle Filling Machine with two nozzles is designed for cups ranging from 70 to 180 milliliters with a 75-millimeter diameter mouth. The machine is fully automatic and equipped with cup dispenser, filling, and foil sealing.

Weight: 1100 kilograms
Dimensions: 380 × 190 × 270 centimeters
Cup Diameter: Custom-made, ranging from 55/75/95/125/145mm
Suitable for thin liquids
Power Requirement: Three-phase 2.8kw (Single-phase available upon request)
Features: Cup dispenser, filler, foil sealer, conveyor belt, inkjet printer, traffic tray
Production Capacity: 1800 to 2200 cups per hour


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Rotary Bottle Filling Machine (2-nozzle)

The above machine is equipped with two storage tanks. The first tank is a 1000-liter stainless steel mixer with a pump connected to the pressure balance tank on the machine. In the filling section, before the nozzles, a cup check sensor is placed. In case the cup dispenser runs out, the machine automatically shuts off.

At the output section of the machine, a conveyor belt is used for connection to the traffic tray. The traffic tray of the machine, with a diameter of 120 centimeters, allows storing more than 250 cups per hour.

For printing the production and expiration dates, the JC25 inkjet printer model is installed on the machine, which boasts the most advanced features in its category. The average production speed of the two-nozzle cup filler ranges from 1800 to 2200 cups per hour. The speed varies depending on the type and viscosity of the liquid.


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