Pneumatic piston filler

Product features

The tabletop “Pneumatic piston filler,” operating with a pneumatic mechanism and cylinder, is adjustable from 50 to 500cc. Constructed with stainless-grade materials for food industries, it incorporates high-quality components. Produced by a reputable company in China, the “Pneumatic piston filler” is available for purchase on international platforms such as Amazon and Alibaba.

The “Pneumatic piston filler” is suitable for thin and thick liquid substances in food, pharmaceutical, and chemical applications, capable of filling liquids up to 65% viscosity (similar to honey).

Operating this device is straightforward. Initially, connect it to a single-phase power source and a minimum 50L air compressor. Adjust the filling quantity from the back volume of the “Pneumatic piston filler” after connecting the air hose. Then, press the machine’s pedal, and the cylinder automatically loads and fills the specified amount. The filling speed ranges from 20 to 50 containers per minute based on the product volume and liquid concentration, filling approximately 1200 to 3000 units per hour. Additionally, the “Pneumatic piston filler” can be set for automatic filling without the need for the pedal.

One of the advantages of this “Pneumatic piston filler” is its washable design, allowing cleaning of the entire path, including the reservoir, ball valve, and nozzle without the need for specific tools. An emergency key is located at the front of the “Pneumatic piston filler” for easy shutdown in case of product overflow, preventing spillage. Another useful feature is the pressure adjustment capability. Two flow control knobs on the machine’s cylinder enable easy adjustment of the output pressure, particularly beneficial when filling very thin liquids prone to splashing.

This “Pneumatic piston filler” includes after-sales services and a one-year company warranty.


Technical information of Pneumatic piston filler:

  • Weight: 47 kilograms
  • Dimensions: 95 × 28 × 50 centimeters
  • Name: Pneumatic Filler 50 to 500cc
  • Model: FHC-500
  • Adjustable Range: Minimum 50cc to Maximum 500cc
  • Suitable for Liquids: Pharmaceutical, Food, Cosmetic, with a viscosity of up to 65% (like honey)
  • Power Consumption: 220V 50Hz Single Phase
  • Required Air Compressor: Minimum 50 liters
  • Filling Precision: Very accurate ±1%
  • Control Features: Semi-automatic and continuous operation switch, filling speed adjustment (discharge and loading), piston volume adjustment
  • Tested for: Honey, cream, date syrup, shampoo, water, edible oil, industrial oils, yogurt, herbal extracts

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What is a pneumatic piston filler?

A pneumatic piston filler is a type of filling machine used in various industries, particularly in the packaging and manufacturing of liquids or semi-liquids. It operates using compressed air to power the piston mechanism that draws product from a reservoir or container and dispenses it into bottles, containers, or other packaging materials.

These fillers are versatile and efficient, suitable for filling a wide range of products like liquids, creams, gels, and pastes into containers of different shapes and sizes. The pneumatic system allows for precise control over the filling process, enabling adjustments in fill volumes and speeds to meet specific production requirements.

They’re commonly used in industries such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and chemicals due to their reliability, accuracy, and ability to handle different viscosities of liquids.

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