Pneumatic liquid filling machine

Product features

The Pneumatic Liquid Filling Machine, equipped with a piston cylinder, is specially designed for filling small containers ranging from 5cc to 50cc. This Pneumatic Liquid Filling Machine features interchangeable nozzle heads, making it ideal for containers with small openings. Suitable for a variety of liquids with viscosities from 1% (like water) to 50% (like dishwashing liquid), the Pneumatic Liquid Filling Machine is versatile for different industries. The Pneumatic Liquid Filling Machine’s construction uses stainless steel in the cylinder, tank, and nozzle, ensuring its suitability for use in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, and non-acidic chemical industries, and it is approved by the Ministry of Health.

Having been tested with a range of liquids including vegetable oils, pharmaceutical products in vials and droppers, liquid creams, date syrup, liquid tahini, and medicinal and edible syrups, the Pneumatic Liquid Filling Machine has proven its versatility and efficiency. Operating the Pneumatic Liquid Filling Machine is user-friendly, with the filling volume adjustable by a single screw. This Pneumatic Liquid Filling Machine operates solely on compressed air at 6 to 8 bar pressure, highlighting its energy-efficient design as it does not require electricity. The maximum capacity of the Pneumatic Liquid Filling Machine’s cylinder is 50 cc or approximately 50 grams, making it clear that this machine is not suitable for containers or products larger than 50 cc, unless the filling process is completed in multiple stages.

Cleaning the main components of the Pneumatic Liquid Filling Machine, which include the tank, cylinder, valve, and box, is a straightforward process. These parts can be easily placed in hot water or cleaned separately once disassembled, ensuring that maintenance of the Pneumatic Liquid Filling Machine is as convenient as its operation.

Weight: 32 kg
Dimensions: 35 x 20 x 70 cm
model: FC50

Suitable for: thin and semi-thick liquids
Used: medicinal, food, chemical

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What is a pneumatic piston filler?

A pneumatic piston filler is a type of filling machine used in various industries, particularly in the packaging and manufacturing of liquids or semi-liquids. It operates using compressed air to power the piston mechanism that draws product from a reservoir or container and dispenses it into bottles, containers, or other packaging materials.

These fillers are versatile and efficient, suitable for filling a wide range of products like liquids, creams, gels, and pastes into containers of different shapes and sizes. The pneumatic system allows for precise control over the filling process, enabling adjustments in fill volumes and speeds to meet specific production requirements.

They’re commonly used in industries such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and chemicals due to their reliability, accuracy, and ability to handle different viscosities of liquids.

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