olive oil filling machine

Product features

Equipped with fully automatic capping system for Pilfer-proof aluminum caps, this machine is designed and manufactured according to the type of bottle preferred by the customer. It allows for mold customization to accommodate various bottle sizes. The machine operates on a rotary type system.

The model of this olive oil filling machine is FG-oil6, available in variants: three nozzles with one capping head, six nozzles with two capping heads, and sixteen nozzles with four capping heads. Each variant offers different capacities and efficiencies while maintaining a consistent appearance. The machine with six nozzles has the capacity to fill and cap approximately 1500 bottles of 500 milliliters per hour, with varying speeds for the mentioned variants.

Weight: 750 kilograms
Dimensions: 210 × 190 × 270 centimeters

Complete Name:
Six-nozzle glass bottle filling and capping machine with Pilfer-proof cap, equipped with dual head capping system.

Operation System:
Rotary Gearbox Geneva System

Filling System:
Six pneumatic nozzles equipped with two stainless steel gear pumps

Capping System:
Lift system with sorter and a reservoir capable of holding 3000 caps

Capping Mechanism:
Two Pilfer-proof cap applicator heads designed for aluminum caps

Body Material:
Entirely made of stainless steel 304

Power Consumption:
1.8 kilowatts per hour

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The intelligent olive oil filling machine is programmed via PLC and controlled through a touchscreen HMI display, ensuring precise operation. While each nozzle is equipped with a drip tray and waste collector, a photo cell sensor is also installed for added precision. If the operator fails to place a bottle under the nozzle, the nozzle valve will remain closed, preventing product loss and keeping the machine clean.

The capping section of the machine is fully automated, with a cap reservoir positioned on the ground. It has a capacity of 3000 caps, ensuring continuous operation for at least 1.30 minutes per refill. Once the reservoir is emptied, the machine automatically shuts off to prevent the ejection of uncapped products. The most critical component of the machine is the capping head, crafted from high-quality materials such as stainless steel 316 and electroplated steel, ensuring exceptional durability and performance.


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1. Equipment Warranty: We offer a comprehensive 24-month warranty on all equipment, ensuring quality and performance adherence to contract specifications.

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5. Lifetime Technical Support: Beyond the warranty, our dedicated team ensures continuous technical assistance and maintenance services for optimal equipment performance.

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