Nylon Bag Sealer With Vacuum

Product features

The vacuum and nylon sealer is designed for sealing nylon bags up to a maximum width of 28cm. The SA-280 vacuum packaging machine operates very simply, making it suitable for packaging a variety of products such as meats, seafood, pharmaceuticals, electronic devices, hardware, and medical equipment. It is ideal for any product requiring an extended shelf life in an oxygen-free environment.

Weight: 1.5 kilograms
Dimensions: 32 × 16 × 8 centimeters
Name: Manual Nylon Vacuum Sealer
Model: SA-280
Maximum Sealing Width: 28cm
Compatible Nylon: Relatively thick nylons suitable for heat sealing and shrinkage.

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The system of these machines is microprocessor-based, ensuring excellent packaging performance. Their sturdy design and precise measurement tools, along with their electrical safety protection system, contribute to their enhanced performance and safety. These machines also have the capability of injecting preservative gases such as nitrogen to further increase the shelf life of the product up to four times longer. (There is a gas and vacuum hose connection at the back of the machine.) The home vacuum sealer and sealer are suitable for vacuuming and air evacuation of poultry, meat, fish, various nuts, and some types of vegetables.

Their compact size and user-friendly interface make them ideal for both household and small-scale commercial applications. With a maximum sealing width of 28cm, they can efficiently handle a variety of packaging tasks. Additionally, their manual operation allows for precise control over the vacuum and sealing process, ensuring optimal results for a wide range of products.


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