minipack shrink wrapping machine

Product features

The minipack magnetic shrink wrapping machine, equipped with an automatic oven door release system, is suitable for shrink-wrapping various products with PVC film. The height of this machine is suitable for shrink-wrapping food, pharmaceutical, hygiene, cosmetic, books, various small cartons, disposable containers, etc. The maximum height for shrink-wrapping is 30 centimeters, and the maximum roll width in this machine is 50 centimeters. This machine is suitable for home businesses, restaurants, small workshops, or even kitchens and catering services.

Material: Electrostatic steel body
Power consumption: Single-phase 20 amps
Machine dimensions: 120x70x90 centimeters
Maximum capacity: 3 packages per minute

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The machine operates manually, with the product placed inside by the operator. Closing the oven door manually triggers the shrink-wrapping process, which then automatically opens the oven door. The machine dimensions are 1207090 cm, equipped with wheels for easy mobility. Packing speed depends on operator’s pace, achieving up to 390 packs per hour.

The minipack shrink wrapping machine with magnets is suitable for packaging various items, including cartons, sensitive to temperatures up to 50 degrees Celsius. It operates on single-phase 220-volt power supply. The machine body is made of iron with electrostatic paint, ensuring durability.

Product packing is facilitated by electric elements and air circulation fans. Features include a sewing transformer, oven temperature thermostat, sewing temperature thermostat, cooling fan, analog control panel, and compatibility with various shrink film types.

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1. Equipment Warranty: We offer a comprehensive 24-month warranty on all equipment, ensuring quality and performance adherence to contract specifications.

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4. Warranty Period: The 24-month warranty period begins three days after installation, guaranteeing prompt assistance and resolution of any issues.

5. Lifetime Technical Support: Beyond the warranty, our dedicated team ensures continuous technical assistance and maintenance services for optimal equipment performance.

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