2 Nozzle Liquid Filling Machine (peristaltic system)

Product features

The Pharmaceutical Liquid Filling Machine is a portable, easily transportable device suitable for small workshops and home-based businesses. This machine features two separate nozzles, each with its own independent input, allowing for the use of one nozzle at a time, with each nozzle being individually adjustable. The machine is suitable for filling a variety of products such as medicines, liquid oils, dishwashing liquids, herbal distillates, etc. Its operation is straightforward: each pressing of the pedal and positioning of the container under the discharge hoses initiates the filling process.

An important feature of this machine is its peristaltic filling system. This technology is currently the most hygienic method for packaging sensitive products with pharmaceutical-grade standards. The product does not come into physical contact with the pump, being transferred to the nozzle solely through the tubing. The Pharmaceutical Liquid Filling Machine is suitable for a range of cosmetic and hygiene products, as well as food products with a maximum Brix of 65%. This includes liquids not thicker than shampoo. The machine is capable of filling these products efficiently and at an appropriate speed.


Device Power:  100 Watts
Filling Range: 20-50 units per minute
Nozzle Diameter: 4 millimeters Maximum
Bottle Height: 2-30 centimeters
Weight: 6000 grams

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What is a peristaltic pump for liquid filling?

A peristaltic pump for liquid filling is a type of positive displacement pump used in various industries, particularly for sterile, pharmaceutical, and food-grade applications. Its unique design makes it ideal for handling sensitive, abrasive, or viscous fluids. Here’s how it works and why it’s advantageous for liquid filling:

1.Design and Operation: A peristaltic pump consists of a flexible tube or hose fitted inside a circular pump casing. Rollers or shoes rotate around the casing, compressing and releasing the tube as they go. This action creates a vacuum that draws liquid into the tube. As the roller moves, it pushes the liquid through the tube and out of the pump.

2.No Cross-Contamination: Since the fluid only contacts the inside of the tube and never the pump mechanism, the risk of cross-contamination is minimal. This feature is crucial for sterile applications like pharmaceutical manufacturing or food and beverage processing.

3.Easy to Clean and Maintain: Peristaltic pumps are easy to clean and maintain because the liquid does not contact the pump’s moving parts. In many cases, only the tube needs to be replaced or cleaned, which is a simple and quick process.

4.Gentle on Fluids: These pumps are gentle on the fluids they move. The peristaltic action is low-shear, making it suitable for handling delicate fluids, live cells, or shear-sensitive chemicals.

5.Precise Dosing and Metering: Peristaltic pumps can offer precise control over the volume of fluid dispensed, which is beneficial in applications requiring accurate dosing and filling.

6.Versatility: They can handle a wide range of viscosities, from thin, watery fluids to thick, viscous ones. Also, they can pump abrasive and aggressive fluids, as the pump mechanism is not in contact with the fluid.

7.Dry Running Capability: These pumps can run dry without damage, a significant advantage in certain applications.

Due to these characteristics, peristaltic pumps are favored in environments where hygiene, accuracy, and reliability are paramount.

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