liquid filling and capping machine (4 nozzle)

Product features

The Liquid Filling and Capping Machine (4 Nozzle) is a versatile solution designed to efficiently fill and cap thin liquids in glass bottles with plastic caps. With its rotary structure and stainless steel construction, including 316-grade nozzles, this machine ensures durability and precise performance. It offers a range of functionalities, including filling, capping, lid placing, and traffic tray management, making it suitable for various production environments. With a maximum speed of up to 1000 containers per hour, this machine streamlines the liquid packaging process, ensuring high productivity and consistent quality output.

Weight: 390 kilograms
Dimensions: 165 × 120 × 250 centimeters
Model: FRGcp-4
Power Consumption: Single Phase 2kW
Air Consumption: Requires 250-liter compressor at 8 bars
Body Material: Stainless Steel
Nozzle Material: Stainless Steel 316
Machine Frame: Electrostatically painted steel chassis
Suitable for: Thin liquids in glass bottles with plastic caps
Structure: Rotary
Features: Filling, capping, lid placing, traffic tray
Speed: Up to 1000 containers per hour

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The Liquid Filling and Capping Machine operates on a rotary system and can be connected to a traffic tray at the machine’s output. Bottle placement is manual, while connection to a conveyor belt at the input is also possible. All bottle filling, cap placement, and capping functions are fully automatic. This machine is ideal for filling thin liquids such as syrups or vinegar. The machine’s tray is designed for a specific bottle size, and it is limited to filling a few bottle sizes.

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