linear filling machine with Diaphragm Pump

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Introducing our Linear Filling Machine with Diaphragm Pump – an automatic single-nozzle solution for precise and efficient filling of bottles and containers up to 3000 cc. Ideal for liquids such as water, syrups, oils, disinfectants, and more, this versatile machine offers adjustable features, including speed control and an external tank option for various containers. With a one-way valve nozzle, it ensures drip-free filling, providing a seamless experience for your production needs. Tested with oils, water, alcohol, perfume, extracts, and more, this machine delivers exceptional performance, filling up to 3000 bottles per hour. Upgrade your packaging process with our reliable solution.

Weight: 17 kilograms
Dimensions: 75 × 40 × 50 centimeters
Device Name: Linear Filling Machine with Diaphragm Pump
Model: FPL-1
Maximum Filling Speed: 50 cc per second
Maximum Error (Tolerance): 0.4%, depending on the product and quantity
Body Material: Full Stainless Steel 304
Adjustable Quantity: Minimum 3 cc to maximum 3000 cc

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Linear Filling Machine with Diaphragm Pump

This automatic single-nozzle linear filling machine is suitable for filling various bottles and containers, with a maximum capacity of 3000 cc. With this machine, you can fill liquids such as water, medicinal and food syrups, liquid oil, disinfectants, and more, with a maximum viscosity of 40%. The conveyor belt of this machine is 70 centimeters long. Features include adjusting conveyor speed, tray traffic at the end of the line, and a rod for aligning containers on the line. You can adjust parameters through the panel, including pump and filling speed, conveyor speed, filling time, and sensor-controlled switch command. For the external tank of this machine, you can use a plastic barrel, gallon, or bucket; just place the input hose of the device inside the tank. The machine’s nozzle is made as a one-way valve to prevent dripping. In this machine, you can turn off the conveyor belt and automatically fill your product by placing the container in front of the nozzle.

With the advancement of small businesses and workshops, precision and high-speed packaging of liquids in bottles and containers are essential. Hiring additional labor is not cost-effective. With all these expenses, your product will not be filled accurately. This machine, with its precise and up-to-date design, fills your products at a maximum speed of 3000 bottles per hour, considering the product volume.

The automatic linear filling machine has been tested with liquid oil, water, alcohol, perfume, extracts, medicinal oils, pulp-free and pureed beverages, date syrup, and shampoo. It has demonstrated acceptable performance.

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