4 Nozzle Juice Filling Machine

Product features

The Tri-Block type juice filling machine is a multifunctional device with various capabilities. These include filling, capping, bottle washing, all integrated onto a single chassis and working harmoniously together. This integrated setup enhances the uniform performance of the machine and enables manufacturers to take advantage of its exceptional features.

All these capabilities are fully automatic with 4 smooth and fast nozzles, synchronizing the operations from bottle washing to capping, with the possibility of adding other functionalities to this set. Therefore, the Tri-Block juice filling machine can be recommended for industries with small to medium productions, as investing in a machine with multiple important capabilities significantly reduces the expenses for purchasing essential machines, which often come at high prices.

Weight: 420 kilograms
Dimensions: 110 × 80 × 275 centimeters
Model: FTB-18
Production Capacity: 600 to 1200 bottles per hour depending on the product and bottle size
Suitable for Production: Yogurt, herbal syrups, syrups, various thin beverages…
Body Material: Full stainless steel
Power Consumption: 2.5KW three-phase or custom single-phase
Air Consumption: Minimum 7 bar compressor with 250-liter capacity

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This Tri-Block dairy machine with 4 nozzles has the capacity to package between 600 to 1200 bottles per hour (depending on bottle size and product type). It is capable of packaging one bottle neck size.

Features: Bottle washing, filling, capping, and the option to install an inkjet printer for printing the product’s expiry date directly onto the machine are available. After capping, the machine’s output can be connected to a conveyor belt and other related machinery such as labelers or shrink wrapping machines.

The goal of producing this 4-nozzle Tri-Block machine with low production capacity is to assist manufacturers in the field of workshop products and low-capacity beverages. Purchasing and acquiring separate bottle washing, filling, and capping machines would be costly. The integration of multiple functions in this machine is approved by health authorities. Manufacturers become independent of expensive high-capacity machinery by purchasing a single machine. So far, the Tri-Block machine has been used for products such as mineral water, yogurt, herbal syrups, herbal drinks, pulp-free fruit juices, and non-carbonated beverages. All parts in contact with the product and the machine’s covers are made of stainless steel 316.

Quality control and assurance

1. Equipment Warranty: We offer a comprehensive 24-month warranty on all equipment, ensuring quality and performance adherence to contract specifications.

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3. Quality Assurance: From installation to production, our warranty covers troubleshooting, manufacturing defects, and seller responsibilities, ensuring seamless operation.

4. Warranty Period: The 24-month warranty period begins three days after installation, guaranteeing prompt assistance and resolution of any issues.

5. Lifetime Technical Support: Beyond the warranty, our dedicated team ensures continuous technical assistance and maintenance services for optimal equipment performance.

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