Fully automatic rotary 1nozzle cup filling machine

Product features

Cup Filling Machine: Precision and Versatility

Step into the realm of cutting-edge technology with our Fully Automatic Cup Filling Machine. This machine boasts an all-steel body and a custom chassis, ensuring unparalleled durability and reliability in your production line. Its versatility shines through its ability to accommodate various cup types, different openings, and both aluminum and plastic seals.

Precision and Efficiency of Cup Filling Machine

Experience unmatched accuracy and speed in the filling and sealing processes. This machine guarantees top-notch productivity without compromising on precision. Customize it further with add-ons like a date printer, turntable, or conveyor belt to suit your specific production requirements.

Strengths of Cup Filling Machine

Consistent performance and premium quality are the hallmarks of our machine. It’s economically designed to strike the perfect balance between capacity and cost-effectiveness, ensuring optimal performance in every operation.

The Fully Automatic Rotary 1-Nozzle Cup Container Filling Machine

Compact yet powerful, our machine measures 135cm in length, 120cm in width, and 210cm in height, weighing in at 345kg. With a power consumption of 4 kW and wind consumption at 6 bar, it delivers a remarkable production capacity, churning out between 800 and 1200 pieces per hour.

Unveiling the Tavansanat Cup Filling Machine

The Tavansanat Cup Filling Machine is a technological marvel equipped with a fully automatic cup loading system. Its single nozzle (with the option to add more) and automatic foiling and sealing system ensure precision and efficiency in every cycle.

Crafted for Excellence

Constructed meticulously with 304 steel covers and body and other components using 316 steel, this machine embodies durability and sophistication. Operating at a capacity ranging from 1000 to 1500 pieces per hour, it sets the bar high for efficiency without compromise.

Advanced Systems for Optimal Performance

The single-nozzle filling machine for glass distillates comes with a suite of sophisticated systems—a filling timer, sealing thermostat, CIP washing system, emergency stop, foil error detection system, and more. It’s not just a machine; it’s a comprehensive solution for elevating your production standards.

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What is Automated Cup Filling and Sealing Machine?

An Automated Cup Filling and Sealing Machine represents a technological marvel in the packaging industry. It’s a specialized apparatus designed to efficiently fill cups with diverse contents, ranging from liquids like water or juices to semi-liquids like yogurt or viscous substances. This machine not only accurately fills cups but also seals them, ensuring product freshness and longevity. Its automated nature significantly reduces manual labor, streamlining the packaging process with precision and speed.

Cup Filling and Sealing Process

The Cup Filling and Sealing Process involves a series of meticulously orchestrated steps aimed at packaging products within cups. Firstly, the cups are precisely positioned to receive the intended contents. Next, the accurate filling mechanism ensures the cups are filled to the desired level, maintaining consistency across each unit. Subsequently, the sealing process comes into play, employing methods such as heat sealing or capping to secure the product within the cup. This entire process is streamlined and automated, guaranteeing efficiency and minimizing the margin for error.

Cup Filling Machine Price

The price of a Cup Filling Machine varies significantly based on several factors. These include the machine’s capacity, the technology integrated into it, its level of automation, and additional features like sealing mechanisms or customizable options. Basic models catering to smaller production volumes might be more affordable, while high-capacity, fully automated machines with advanced functionalities tend to come at a higher cost. Prices can range from a few thousand to several hundred thousand dollars, depending on the specific requirements and capabilities sought by the buyer.

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