Filling and capping of disinfectants

Product features

The above disinfectant filling machine is equipped with a fully automatic capping and sealing system. Since the capping system of automatic machines is limited to one bottle size, the machine is specifically designed and manufactured for one container size. All components involved in the drug filling machine are made of European stainless steel 316. In the new series of this machine, a lifter is used for capping, which is placed on the ground during the lid tank process and is easily rechargeable. The machine speed varies depending on the container size but averages between 800 to 2000 bottles per hour. Container wrapping in such machines is customizable for multiple bottle sizes if the bottle mouth is common; the capping system will also be common for the bottles. Ordering the production of disinfectant and pharmaceutical filling machines with the above features will take a minimum of 45 working days.

Weight: 750 kilograms
Dimensions: 195 × 180 × 270 centimeters
Body Material: Stainless Steel 304
Nozzle Material: Stainless Steel 316
Machine Structure: Rotary with the ability to connect the output to the conveyor belt
Suitable for Products: Thin liquids, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, disinfectants
Features: Filling / Capping / Lid placing / Induction sealing
Capacity: 6 nozzles / 2 capping heads / 2 induction sealing heads

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Our cutting-edge machine specializes in the precise filling and capping of disinfectants, ensuring optimal hygiene standards in various industries. Equipped with advanced technology and constructed with durable stainless steel components, it offers unparalleled efficiency and reliability in handling a wide range of disinfectant products. The rotary structure allows seamless integration with conveyor belts, streamlining the production process and maximizing output. Whether it’s for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, or other hygiene-related products, our machine guarantees consistent performance, accommodating different bottle sizes with its versatile nozzle and capping configurations.

With a capacity of 6 nozzles for filling and 2 heads each for capping and induction sealing, our product caters to diverse manufacturing needs. Its robust design and precise functionality make it an indispensable asset for facilities aiming to uphold stringent quality standards in disinfectant production. By automating the filling and capping processes, businesses can enhance productivity while maintaining the integrity and safety of their disinfectant products. From small-scale operations to large-scale production facilities, our machine ensures efficient, cost-effective, and hygienic solutions for filling and capping disinfectants.

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