Semi-automatic 2 Nozzles Pump Liquid Filling Machine (FHP2)

Product features

The FHP2 model is a semi-automatic, pump-based liquid filling machine with two nozzles, suitable for filling both thin liquids like water and semi-thick liquids like edible oil. This machine allows for adjustable filling volumes from 5 to 3000cc, with each nozzle being independently adjustable. Key features include setting the filling speed, automatic timed filling, the option to deactivate one nozzle, and adjustments for the height and angle of each nozzle. The filling process can be controlled by a foot pedal, and the machine also offers an automatic filling system where the frequency can be easily set via the machine’s PLC display. The machine has been tested with products such as water, syrup, traditional distilled beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic and hygienic products, alcohol, doogh (a yogurt-based drink), edible oil, and fruit juice.

This semi-automatic dual-nozzle filler features two internal pumps, each with its own separate inlet. This design allows for simultaneous filling of two different types of liquids without mixing. The machine has two separate hoses for inputs, each equipped with a filter, allowing for connection to a tank or placement inside a tank.

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The FHP2 Liquid Filling Machine, a Semi-Automatic 2 Nozzles Pump model, excels in its versatile filling capabilities, offering a user-friendly design that makes it ideal for small to medium-scale production environments. This compact-sized machine can be seamlessly integrated into existing production lines, requiring minimal space. The construction of the FHP2 Liquid Filling Machine prioritizes durability and ease of maintenance. Its corrosion-resistant parts are easy to clean, ensuring long-term reliability and hygiene. Furthermore, it incorporates advanced safety features to protect operators and maintain the integrity of the products being filled. These aspects make the FHP2 Liquid Filling Machine a superb choice for businesses seeking to enhance their liquid filling processes. It guarantees precision and maintains high-quality standards, making it suitable for industries ranging from food and beverage to pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and chemicals.

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