Automatic Double Sided Labeling Machine (Flat and round)

Product features

The flat double-sided and cylindrical labeling machine is the most sophisticated type of labeler available in industrial capabilities. Four machines in one! (Single-sided round containers, double-sided round containers, single-sided flat containers, double-sided flat containers). This machine allows labeling on flat containers and gallon jugs from both sides. The device enables labeling on round bottles with either a single label or dual labels. Labels up to a maximum height of 15 centimeters can be used with this machine.

To adjust the angle, height, and movement of the carriages in three main axes, precise adjustment levers are incorporated for each, separately. Additionally, the guard rails are adjustable to accommodate container diameters ranging from a minimum of 3 centimeters to 18 centimeters. A pneumatic spacing system is installed at the machine’s input section, allowing for precise distance adjustment between containers, which can be controlled via the touchscreen display. For the double-sided flat labeler, each electric motor is paired with a speed control drive, enabling users to maximize parameter adjustments for various label and bottle types.

Weight: 230 kilograms
Dimensions: 250 × 105 × 168 centimeters
Air consumption: Minimum 50-liter compressor (no need for air if the two-sided round section is removed)
Body Material: Stainless steel 304
Maximum label height: 15 centimeters
Control system: PLC with touch screen HMI display

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For the rails of the machine, PVC raw material chains are used, which transport bottles with minimal noise and wear. The body and main parts are made of stainless steel 304, with some parts made of aluminum. All main components of the machine are processed with advanced CNC machines to ensure maximum precision and speed for optimal performance.

Key Features:

  • Ability to label both sides of flat containers
  • Ability to fully or partially label round bottles
  • Ability to apply two separate labels on a single round bottle
  • Equipped with a gearbox motor distance measuring system between containers
  • Adjustable for various gallon, bottle, bucket types
  • Adjustable for various types of roll adhesive labels
  • Advanced and precise servo motors
  • Adjustable height retaining rail for gallon necks
  • Capability to install various jet printers on the machine roll
  • Ability to connect the machine input or output to various conveyor belts

The Automatic Double-Sided Labeling Machine (Flat and Round) is an advanced labeling solution designed to meet diverse packaging needs with precision and efficiency. Equipped with versatile features, this machine offers the flexibility to label various container types, including bottles, gallons, buckets, and more. Its capability to apply labels from both sides ensures thorough coverage and branding visibility, catering to the demands of modern packaging standards. With a maximum label height of 15 centimeters, it accommodates different label sizes, allowing for customizable branding options.

Constructed with high-quality materials such as stainless steel 304 and aluminum, this labeling machine ensures durability and reliability in operation. Its precision-engineered components, manufactured using advanced CNC machining technology, guarantee optimal performance and speed. The machine’s user-friendly interface, controlled by a PLC system with a touchscreen HMI display, enables easy adjustment and customization according to specific labeling requirements. Additionally, with features like adjustable rail guards and compatibility with various conveyor belt systems, it offers seamless integration into existing production lines, making it an indispensable asset for businesses seeking efficient labeling solutions.

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