Dishwashing liquid filling machine

Product features

Automatic Dishwashing liquid filling machine, besides being suitable for various types of Dishwashing liquids, is capable of handling dense liquids such as food, pharmaceutical, and chemical substances. This automated device not only efficiently fills bottles with high speed and precision but also conducts capping, lid sealing, and conveyor placement fully automatically.

The pricing of this filling machine varies significantly based on its structure and incorporated equipment. Its advanced capping system stands out as a key advantage, significantly impacting speed and reducing the need for manual labor. Moreover, its input is adaptable for connection to an air conveyor, enabling integration with a bottle aligner or even a fully automatic blowing machine at the production line’s entrance.

Several key features of this unique Dishwashing liquid filling machine and capping machine are:

1. Air conveyor-equipped input (bottle transfer system using air pressure)
2. Optical bottle detection sensor (automatically prevents nozzle activation if no bottle is placed)
3. Pneumatic nozzles with nozzle valve (advanced nozzle design ensures no drip post-closure)
4. Servo piston cylinder filling system (high precision and speed utilizing servo motor axis)
5. 80-liter input tank with automatic input valve (automatically refills as product level decreases)
6. Lid placement sorter equipped with lid elevator (can charge up to 3000 lid pieces)
7. Capping system with pressure control and lid tightening adjustment
8. Product output star gear (filled and capped bottles are automatically placed on the conveyor belt)

These mentioned features represent the essentials of an automatic Dishwashing liquid filling machine. Additional functionalities like a touchscreen display with an advanced control system can be customized upon request. A Dishwashing liquid filling machine production line with a daily output capacity ranging from 8,000 to 30,000 bottles would benefit from such equipment.

Specifications Dishwashing liquid filling machine

Weight: 980 kilograms
Dimensions: 340 × 260 × 320 centimeters
Machine Name: Automatic Filling and Capping System for Viscous Liquids in PET Bottles with Two-Piece Caps
Machine Model: FRF-6
Operating System: Rotary
Power Consumption: 3 kW Three-Phase
Air Consumption: Minimum 7 bar from a 150-liter compressor
Control System: PLC
Body Material: Stainless Steel 304
Nozzle and Cylinder Material: Stainless Steel

How does the Dishwashing liquid filling machine work?

The Dishwashing liquid filling machine functions by automating the sequential processes of bottle feeding, Laundry detergent filling, capping, and quality control. Empty bottles are placed into the machine and filled with the precise amount of detergent. Caps or lids are then automatically applied and sealed securely. Quality checks ensure proper filling and sealing before the bottles are smoothly conveyed to the next production stage. This automated system ensures efficiency, accuracy, and consistency in the detergent filling process, minimizing manual labor while maintaining high-quality standards in production.

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Types of Dishwashing liquid filling machine

Dishwashing liquid filling machines come in various types based on their functionality and design. Some common types include:

1. Piston Filling Machines: These use a piston-driven mechanism to accurately measure and fill bottles with liquid detergent. They are precise and suitable for thicker or viscous liquids.

2. Gravity Filling Machines: Operating on the principle of gravity, these machines fill bottles by allowing liquid detergent to flow into them through a nozzle. They’re ideal for thin or free-flowing liquids.

3. Vacuum Filling Machines: Employing vacuum pressure, these machines fill bottles by drawing liquid detergent into them. They are efficient for filling various container sizes.

4. Rotary Filling Machines: These operate with a rotary mechanism, enabling multiple bottles to be filled simultaneously in a continuous, high-speed process.

5. Overflow Filling Machines: Designed for filling containers to a precise level by allowing excess liquid to overflow, ensuring consistent fill levels in each bottle.

6. Net Weight Filling Machines: These machines measure the weight of the liquid detergent to ensure each bottle receives the correct amount, commonly used for high-precision filling.

The choice of the specific type depends on factors such as the viscosity of the detergent, production speed requirements, and desired accuracy in filling. Each type offers unique advantages suited to different manufacturing needs.

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