1 Nozzle dilute liquid Filling Machine (FHP1)

Product features

The FHP-1 single-nozzle peristaltic pump dilute liquid filling machine is specifically designed for efficiently handling liquid oils and dilute liquids. This dilute liquid filling machine is adjustable from 10 cc to 3000 cc, catering to a wide range of volumes. The introduction of such dilute liquid filling machines marks a significant advancement over manual piston fillers. These dilute liquid filling machines are renowned for their precision, speed, and hygiene, making them highly sought after due to their advanced yet user-friendly operation.

At Tavan Sanat Trading, our commitment is to continuously provide the latest in dilute liquid filling machine technology. We showcase these innovative dilute liquid filling machines in our online store, Tavan Sanat, ensuring our customers have access to the best equipment. We ensure the quality of all our dilute liquid filling machines and parts, offering them at competitive prices, complemented by our dedicated after-sales services. This particular dilute liquid filling machine is highly effective and completely hygienic for a variety of sectors including pharmaceuticals, food, laboratories, and beverages.


Weight: 4 kilograms
Dimensions: 35 × 28 × 18 centimeters
Model: FHP-1
Applications: Suitable for thin and semi-thick liquids up to a maximum viscosity of 30%
Speed: 4 liters per minute

Accessories Machine, product inlet hose, product outlet hose and nozzle, nozzle stand, foot pedal, cardboard box

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Applications in Industries:

– Food products: This dilute liquid filling machine is perfect for handling products like liquid oils, syrups, pulp-free juices, purees, and more.
– Hygiene products: It’s ideal for filling cleaning agents such as shampoo, hand and dishwashing liquids, and other sanitary liquids.
– Pharmaceutical products: The dilute liquid filling machine excels in packaging laboratory kits, various syrups, acetone, alcohol, etc.
– Industrial materials: It’s also suitable for various industrial oils, chemical substances, oil, gasoline, and more.

The FHP-1 dilute liquid filling machines, available in diverse models, are versatile for use in various settings including shops, workshops, factories, and homes. The filling speed of this dilute liquid filling machine is adaptable based on the volume of the containers. The machine’s user-friendly interface allows for easy control over filling speed, amount, automatic filling, and pedal filling. The inlet hose of the dilute liquid filling machine is designed for easy portability and operation. Just place the inlet in or under a tank, and after priming, the product is drawn into the hose and directed to the nozzle via the internal pump of the dilute liquid filling machine. The hose, the only consumable part of this machine, can be effortlessly replaced quickly and cost-effectively.

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