Automatic Cream Tube Filling Machine

Product features

Introducing our Automatic Cream Tube Filling Machine—a versatile solution for creams, toothpaste, and adhesives. With a 60-liter double-layer reservoir, adjustable pneumatic filling, and two-stage heat sealing, it caters to various tube types. Ideal for food, cosmetics, and chemical industries. Achieve precision and flexibility with this efficient, semi-automatic machine. Elevate your production with innovation.

Weight: 620 kg
Dimensions: 140 × 140 × 235 cm
Full Name: Automatic Liquid Tube Filling Machine for Laminated Tubes with Heat Sealing
Features: Filling, pre-sew rotation sensor, heat sealing, cooling of the sewing, sewing waste cutting, tube presence sensor
Filling System: Single nozzle for viscous liquids, 10 to 200 cc
Tank: Double-walled 50-liter tank with indirect electric heating
Power Consumption: 2.5 kW per hour, three-phase (single-phase available on request)
Air Consumption: 7 bar, 200-liter air tank

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Introducing our state-of-the-art Cream Tube Filling Machine, a fully automated solution tailored for precise and efficient filling of various tubes, including creams, toothpaste, and adhesives. With its advanced features, this machine is equipped with a 60-liter double-layer reservoir, complete with a heating system and mixer. The PLC control system, complemented by an HMi touchscreen display and a sensor-equipped stepper motor, enables precise tube adjustment before filling and sealing.

Designed for versatility, the Cream Tube Filling Machine employs a pneumatic filling mechanism with an adjustable cylinder capable of handling volumes from 5 to 100 cc. The two-stage heat-sealing system ensures optimal sealing for a wide range of laminate tube types. Suitable for applications in the food, cosmetics, and chemical industries, this semi-automatic machine accommodates various tube sizes, providing a seamless solution for both laminate and aluminum tubes. Elevate your production efficiency with the accuracy and consistency offered by our Cream Tube Filling Machine.

Investing in the Cream Tube Filling Machine not only streamlines your tube-filling processes but also enhances the overall quality and presentation of your products. Its innovative design, user-friendly controls, and adaptability to different tube types make it an indispensable asset for businesses seeking precision and reliability in their production lines. Experience the future of tube filling with our advanced Cream Tube Filling Machine, revolutionizing the way you approach packaging and enhancing the market appeal of your products.

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