6 cylinder dishwashing liquid filling machine and cap

Product features

This automatic liquid dishwashing filling machine is suitable not only for dishwashing liquids but also for various thick liquids such as food, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. In addition to filling bottles with high speed and accuracy, this automatic machine performs capping, sealing the caps, and outputting from the machine, placing them on the conveyor belt, all automatically.

The price of the filling machine varies greatly depending on its structure and equipment used in its construction. The advanced capping system is one of the key advantages of the liquid dishwashing filler, significantly impacting speed and eliminating manual labor. Additionally, the machine’s input is capable of connecting to an air conveyor, allowing it to be linked to a bottle aligner or even a fully automatic blowing machine at the beginning of the production line.

Weight: 980 kilograms
Dimensions: 340 × 260 × 320 centimeters
Device Name: Rotary Filling Machine
Model: FRF-6
Operating System: Rotary
Power Consumption: Three-phase 3 kW
Required Air Pressure: Minimum 7 bars, 150-liter compressor
Control System: PLC
Body Material: Stainless Steel 304
Nozzle and Cylinder Material: Stainless Steel 316

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Here are some key features of the automatic dishwashing liquid filling and capping machine:

1- The machine’s input is equipped with an air conveyor (a system for bottle transfer to the machine using air pressure).
2- Electronic bottle detection eye (the nozzle valve won’t open automatically if no bottle is placed in the machine).
3- Pneumatic nozzles with bottom valve (advanced nozzle design without any drips after closure).
4- Servo piston filling system (high precision and speed with servo motor axis).
5- 80-liter input tank with automatic input valve (the automatic input valve opens when the product level in the tank decreases).
6- Sorting of capping equipped with a lid elevator (the lid elevator system is charged with a capacity of 3000 lids).
7- Capping system with pressure control and lid tightening level.
8- Star gear output (bottles are automatically placed on the conveyor belt after filling and capping).

The above-mentioned points are essential features of an automatic dishwashing liquid filling machine. Additional features such as a touchscreen display with an advanced control system on the machine are available upon request. A dishwashing liquid production line with a daily production capacity of at least 8,000 to 30,000 bottles requires such a machine.

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