3 Nozzles Oil Filling Machine

Product features

An automatic oil filling machine equipped with three nozzles, accompanied by lid placing and sealing.

With a rotary design, this machine has the capacity to fill over 350 gallons of oil per hour.

Designed with a 45 PET size sealing system, this machine supports most standard PET gallons with a 45mm neck. It utilizes three separate cylinders for filling. The filling tank, with an automatic input valve, has a capacity of 80 liters.

3 Nozzles Oil Filling Machine Specifications

Weight: 540 kilograms
Dimensions: 130 × 90 × 230 centimeters
Number of nozzles: Three nozzles, three separate cylinders
Power: Three-phase 1.2kw (single-phase available upon request)
Required air pressure: 7 bars, minimum 100-liter compressor
Body material: Stainless steel 304
Frame: Electrostatically colored steel
Operating system: Rotary
Production capacity: Depending on bottle size, minimum 300 to 900 gallons per hour

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The Liquid Oil Filling Machine is a versatile and efficient solution designed for filling both liquid oil and viscous substances with precision and reliability. Equipped with a high-precision piston cylinder filling system, it offers adjustable filling volumes ranging from 500 cc to 3000 cc, catering to various product requirements. With features like product input sensors for bottle identification, the machine ensures accurate filling operations. Its automatic lid placing system, coupled with adjustable pressure settings, ensures secure sealing of bottles. Additionally, the machine offers flexibility by accommodating multiple bottle sizes with the same neck and cap specifications. Its PLC control enables seamless operation of the filling nozzles, while its compatibility with conveyor belts and other machines like labelers enhances overall production efficiency. With user-friendly operation and extensive warranty and technical support, this filling machine is an ideal choice for industries requiring efficient liquid and viscous substance filling solutions.

Features of the liquid oil and viscous liquid filling machine:

– Equipped with a high-precision piston cylinder filling system
– Adjustable filling volume from 500 cc to 3000 cc
– Product input sensor (bottle identification before the nozzle)
– Ability to use multiple bottle sizes with the same neck and cap
– PLC control for filling nozzles
– Fully automatic lid placing system with sorting and reservoir
– Automatic capping with adjustable pressure on the lid
– Ability to connect the machine output to various conveyor belts and machines such as labelers and shrink wrappers
– Very simple operation
– One-year warranty and 10 years of technical support

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