Unlocking Excellence in Beverage and Liquid Food Solutions with Tavansanat Products

Tavansanat is committed to offering complete solutions for producing, filling, and packaging beverages and liquid food products. Recognizing the complexity of this process, they focus on providing high-quality technical solutions at every stage, from raw materials to final packaging.

Crafting Top-Quality Beverages:

The foundation of every exceptional beverage lies in its ingredients. Whether it’s the purity of water, the richness of juices, the sweetness of syrups, or the effervescence of carbon dioxide, we know that quality starts at the source. Each component requires specialized attention for those crafting dairy products, the complexity of fresh milk, or the artistry of hops, malt, and yeast in brewing.


Tavansanat’s Technical Expertise:

Our commitment to perfection is reflected in our array of technical solutions. We have the right equipment for each task, from the intricate realm of process engineering to the precise machinery for filling and labeling PET and glass containers and cans. Ensuring your products reach consumers in pristine condition, we provide state-of-the-art systems for packing and palletizing the finished packs.


A Complete Equipment:

Tavansanat is your one-stop destination for all the equipment you need. We offer a holistic range of solutions designed to meet the highest industry standards. Whether you’re a beverage manufacturer, dairy producer, or in any liquid food business, our equipment is tailored to elevate your production process.


Join Us on the Journey:

At Tavansanat, crafting quality beverages and liquid food is an art form. We invite you to join us on this journey as we unlock excellence together. With Tavansanat products, you’ll have the tools to create, fill, and package beverages and liquid food that stand out in the market.





NEW Products and NEW Technology:

Bottle washing and Filling of glass bottle caps, crown seals, and crown cork (TRI Block)

Pasteurizer and plastic basket Washing Machine

Rip cap glass bottle syrup line

shrink pack 3 lines for bottles

Two sides Flat and Round Labeling Machine

Handheld Electric Drill Bottle Capping Machine

Heat-shrink tubing Machine – Heat-shrink tube processing

Sewing Threads Shrink Packaging Machine

Filling and Capping Machine for lemon juice and rose water


Cleaning Machines:

Washing bottle Machine

Washing bottle – PET washing bottle

Water gallon washing Machine – Mineral water gallon washing Machine

Semi-Automatic Rotary Bottle Washing Machine

Bench Top Glassware Washer – Laboratory Glassware Washer


Conveying Machines:

Conveyor 90 degrees

Pneumatic Conveying Systems – Pneumatic Conveying

Lifting and Conveying Machines

Vibratory Conveyors – Conveying Machines


Packing Machines:

Shrink Wrapping Machine

Heat Shrink Wrapping Machine – Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine

Chamber Shrink Wrapping Machine

Highly Durable Shrink Wrap Machine


Filling and Capping Machines:

Liquid Filling machine


TRI line shrinks pack Machine

Liquid Filling Machines 3 manual nozzles

20-liter mineral water Filling – Gallon filling – Cooler water gallon Filling

Acid Filling Machine

Automatic rotary acid filler

Manual Capping Machine (PET Bottle)

Monoblock 4-nozzle PET Filling Machine

Dairy Drink Filling and Capping Machine (polyethylene bottle)

All steel electric tunnel shrink label

Shrink label tunnel Machine (electrical, elemental)

Shrink pack tunnel shooter (semi-automatic)

Glass bottle Filling and Capping Machine with aluminum cap

Juice Bottling Machine – Juice Filling Machine – Juice Capping Machine

Filling Machine pharmaceutical


Labelling and Printing:

Jet printer P2128

Jet printer DJ 1

Jet printer HP jc25

Jet printer Reiner 970

Jet printer TR150

Labeling Machine (label)

Flat and Round Labeling Machine

Flat Bottle Labeling Machine

Square Labeling Machine

Ampoule labeling Machine