Food Processing Equipment: The Essential Guide to Boosting Your Business

Food processing equipment is a common term in the food industry that is used for various purposes. Food processing equipment is commonly used for machinery that processes, prepares, stores, packs, and cooks food products. In some situations, we use food processing equipment to maintain, increase the shelf life and change the shape of food products, but in general, these machines are considered for preparing, packaging and transporting food products.

A wide range of food processing equipment is considered for various uses, such as beverages, bakery and food products; These types of equipment are available for a complete cycle such as washing, separating, cooking, filling and mixing. Food processing equipment is considered for exploitation according to the product type, including liquid, semi-solid and solid food products. In this situation, it is necessary to pay special attention to issues such as cost, required size, health standards, government issues and analytical components; All the things mentioned can affect the efficiency and performance of food processing equipment, but the important thing is to pay special attention to the specifications and requirements needed to produce food products. Stay with us in the rest of the article to share valuable and interesting information about food processing equipment and machinery.

Features of food processing machinery

Attention and importance to the features of food processing machinery are not hidden from any organization or business: food contamination and problems like this harm people’s health and trust. Also, food processing machinery’s inaccuracy and low-speed cause the most extensive damage to businesses and, ultimately, the customers of the food products offered. As you have noticed, paying attention and focusing on this part of production is very important and can improve conditions; If we don’t pay attention to this part of the production, we see the loss of safety, health and ultimately business and capital.

Some of the features of food processing machinery

  • Food processing machinery must be safe and hygienic.
  • Food processing machinery should focus on pre-processing (in the sense of food production and processing).
  • In the pre-processing stage, paying attention to issues such as washing, cutting and sorting the products is essential.
  • Food processing machinery must pay full and sufficient attention to post-processing (distribution, filling and packaging).
  • In the post-processing section, focusing on the speed and accuracy of the machinery will make success or failure at this stage.
  • Typically, food processing machinery is custom-built to provide specific characteristics of food products.
  • Maintenance, protection and repair of food processing machinery are essential.
  • Paying attention to improving the performance of food processing machinery over time is one of the critical features in this industry.

In general, you should know that food processing equipment and machinery produce products eaten or drunk by consumers, so paying attention to their safety, health and maintenance are imperative. The capable team of Tavansanat, relying on its specialized knowledge and long experience in this industry, fulfils consumers’ primary needs and pays more attention to food safety than any other issue.

Food Processing Equipment

types of food processing equipment

Today, food processing equipment is classified in different ways. The categories of food processing equipment are considered separately according to the type of product, their application and how they work. This article categorizes food processing equipment according to their respective functions. The food product production and processing cycle are divided into several main stages, which are considered with a specific process and during which actions related to this stage are carried out. For example, the main task of machinery in the product preparation stage is to prepare food, and some activities such as washing and separation are also considered in this section. It should be noted that other functions support the primary process, and all actions are evaluated according to processing standards and conditions.

Some of the most common functions of food processing equipment are as follows:

  • Preparation
  • Heat processing
  • Mechanical processing
  • Preservation
  • Packaging

Preparation Equipment

In the food processing cycle, the primary preparation operation is considered to separate the desirable raw materials from the low-quality materials; Usually, these actions are done by chemical or mechanical processing. Manufacturers focus on producing quality food products during the preparation stage and ensure that contaminants and substandard materials that cause damage to the final product are removed from the food preparation cycle. Some of the actions that manufacturers perform in the food preparation stage include sorting, cleaning, and grading products.

Heat Processing Equipment

Thermal processing equipment is equipment that heats food. Depending on the type of products and the purpose of their production, you should decide whether to heat the food or keep it cold. Heating food in the first stage causes physical changes in food, and then it will cause biochemical, biological and chemical changes. Thermal processing equipment changes food quality, removes contaminants and increases their taste. Thermal processing equipment will also consider actions such as baking, roasting, frying, blanching and holding.

Mechanical Processing Equipment

Mechanical processing measures are considered to enlarge, homogenize or physically change the shape of liquid, semi-solid and solid food. The classification of actions related to automatic processing is such that activities such as cutting, crushing, shaping, etc., are considered in this stage. It is interesting to know that by changing the shape and size of food, the overall quality of food products increases and the subsequent processes become simpler.

Preservation Equipment

As mentioned in the previous sections, many of the above actions involve the maintenance features of machinery and food products. The maintenance phase is also practical for other grades and focuses on them. The preservation stage aims to increase the shelf life of food products and prevent their spoilage and contamination. In the storage phase, essential measures such as cooling or irradiation are considered, which will prevent the growth of food contamination.

Packaging Equipment

All the above steps are carried out by food processing equipment and machinery and finally complete the cycle of preparation and production of food products. At this stage, it is necessary to focus on food packaging. Food packaging is effective in the following cases:

  • Protection and preservation of food
  • Containment
  • Ease of use
  • Branding and marketing
  • Identification of foods and their contents
  • Convenience in storing and transporting food products

Packaging food products helps in product storage, transportation, distribution and branding. You need to know that before packaging food products, you should pay attention to their shape, material, size, color and packaging design. In fact, as a business owner, you should consider the most appropriate form of packaging, such as wooden, glass, cardboard, plastic, cans, bottles, boxes, etc., for your manufactured food products, and according to the way of supply They choose the right design and color for marketing and branding.

What you should know from this article

In general, the process of converting raw materials into food in a way humans and animals can use is called food processing. Food processing is done by food products processing machinery and equipment, which have various categories depending on their function. It may be interesting to know that a wide range of machinery, equipment and tools are used in the food processing and production industries, which are very diverse and complex. One of the essential features of food processing machinery is to pay attention to the safety and health of the produced food products because consumers will not ignore this feature due to spending money and paying attention to their health. The primary purpose of food processing equipment is to maintain, pay attention to health and change the taste of food; Few foods processing equipment also considers secondary or primary functions such as preparation, handling and packaging.

The change in the physical properties of food is done with the help of food processing equipment; In fact, these types of equipment change the shape, size and taste of food and make food products liquid, semi-solid and solid. Food processing equipment is considered for food production, including bakery products, beverages and dairy products. Food processing machinery and equipment will be classified according to the type of function and considering the kind of food products and related businesses that can exploit them. TavanSanat company, with sufficient experience and also considering the history of extensive activity in this field, can help your business and provide practical operational advice to the experts in this industry.

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